Look for These Essentials When Choosing a Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is one of the first things that you need to find, and one of the hardest to choose. Before you can start planning your wedding, you need to know what the wedding venue has to offer. Regardless of the style of your wedding, be sure to look for these wedding venue essentials.

Searching for the perfect venue

wedding venues

Selecting your perfect venue is vital for your wedding day.

You want your wedding to be personal and unique. But, certain wedding elements have stood the test of time. So, be sure to choose a venue that will allow you to realize your vision, and also be able to accommodate essential wedding elements. Before you make appointments to look at wedding venues, make a list of the crucial wedding elements that are important to you to help you pick the best wedding venue.

Enough room

The first essential is that there is enough room to fit your guests comfortably. But you are going to want more than the guests at your wedding. Make sure that space allows for all of the elements to fit comfortably. Is there enough room to have tables set up for eating? Is there sufficient space for a bar area? Can guests comfortably move about and mingle? Is there room for a band, DJ, or other entertainment? Is there room for dancing?


Look for a venue that will break up into sections. If you are having the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception all in one place, you want to be able to move smoothly from element to element. If the venue requires you to break down tables and chairs to make room for the next item on the wedding program, it’s going to break up the flow of your wedding.

Creative Control

Look for a venue that will allow you to choose your favorite vendors. That will give you more creative control over your wedding. You want to be able to fulfill your vision, so don’t compromise if the venue insists on particular vendors. Also, make sure you like the style, architecture, and palette of the site. Remember, there will be photographs. Make sure you look and feel good at the venue. And, that the color palette doesn’t clash with your dream wedding palette.

Photo-ready for your theme

Wedding venue essentials

Make sure the venue allows you to have creative control and a choice in vendors.

Another reason you have to love the style and the color palette of the venue are the photographs. Photos will be taken of you regularly, so make sure your clothing or your coloring doesn’t clash with the site. And, make sure that there are great spots for photo opportunities. Look for venues that have a great view, interesting architecture, art, or backdrops. Look at the surroundings of the venue to find inspiration for gorgeous wedding photos. And, make sure the place has excellent lighting because proper lighting is everything!

Easy access for guests

Choose a location that is easy for guests to find and access. Look for plenty of parking and accommodations nearby. Making the location convenient for everyone will help relieve some stress on the big day. You won’t have delays because guests got lost or couldn’t find parking.

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