Finalizing your Fall Family Festival Planning

You’ve chosen your theme and narrowed down your guest list. Your venue is reserved and tents rented!  Now, we move on in our planning process for our Fall Family Festival. It’s time for the best part…food and games!

Games, Food, Flavor… everyone’s favorites!

IMG_14074. Games! Choose games that the whole family can play! Be sure you don’t go too young or too old. Pin the tail on the Donkey has been done many times so let’s be creative and think of some full things that will  involved the adults with the kids. Try these ideas. And don’t forget to call the best Denver Party Rental company for the extra tables you’ll need to create booths or stations for your crafts and games.

  • Build your own scarecrow competition
  • Talent show
  • Art Station: Decorate your own mug.
  • Race of ping pong balls. By blowing the balls across the table, race to see who can keep the ball in her own lane and on the table, all the way to the finish line.
  • Pumpkin painting.
  • Make your own Chinese lantern – All you need is popsicle sticks and wax paper. if you want to be really creative melt shaved crayons between 2 pieces of wax paper before gluing the lantern together.
  • Sponge toss painting. With large rolls of butcher paper allow children to dip a 4×4 piece of a sponge into paint and toss it at a “canvas” and continue dipping and tossing to cover their butcher paper. This will require dozens of sponge pieces so gather them early and be sure you have enough.

5. Food!Dessert Bar Denverthe size of your event and your budget will manly determine your food options. But remember Fall is a time of year we can tae advantage of hot meals like stews and soups, like chill. And these meals can stretch far. try a build your own chill bowl bar, or a build your own taco bar. Something fresh, interesting and kid friendly is way to go. Keep in mind Hot dogs are not the only kid friendly party food.  Foods that can be prepared in advance – kebobs, pulled pork sandwiches, stuff your own baked potato,

6. Favors! – What’s a party without the favors? And really, if you want to give a favor that really says thanks for coming…you want to give something your guests will truly enjoy – not the party mix of plastic toys from your local party shop. You just can’t go wrong with food as a favor! Get creative and decorate giant sugar cookies, or dip oreos in chocolate. Cake balls are a forever favorite. You could even set up a station allowing your guests to create their own favor, whether a candy /trail mix, or how about allowing them to dip and garnish a few giant hard pretzel sticks. Have a fondue pot for dipping, and several candy pieces for adding on top. Pre cut several squares of wax paper and provide a twist tie. A brown paper sack could be just thing for taking home their homemade favors.


Let us help you throw a Fall brings you so many reasons to celebrate! Family festivals with your neighbors, games, outdoors events and all kinds of activities you and your family will remember for years to come. So much planning and so many details, from outdoor tents to keeping your guests warm, to tables and chairs for outdoor activities… So add the warmth of Fall colors, get creative with endless color combinations, play with textures and styles and don’t forget to have fun!  

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