Finding Your Personal Styles for the Perfect Wedding

Weddings are all about creating a feeling. Couples are choosing their wedding decor based on their personal style, and not what the traditional wedding picture looks like. Although white is still the dominating color, it is not color that is dictating the style that couples love. Before we start to help you put together your wedding essentials, we need to understand your personal style.Wedding rentals Denver

Finding Your Wedding Style

Most people don’t really think about how they would describe their personal style. When we shop for ourselves and our home, we simply choose the things that we are drawn to without thinking about why. When you’re putting together a list of all your wedding essentials, you need to figure out your personal style. After that, you need to compromise with your partner to make sure that you get the best of both your styles, creating a beautiful venue that represents the union of both styles.

Describing Your Style

No one has just one style. Typically, what we like is a potpourri of a few different trends. Try to find three adjectives that best describe your style. When you think about your wedding, what is the ambiance and atmosphere you want to create? Don’t worry about using words that may seem to contradict each other. Maybe you want your wedding to be like Game of Thrones set in the English countryside. Or you want something that’s both organic and sparkly. In the infamous words of Tim Gunn, we’ll make it work!

Finding your wedding style

Discover Your Style

Although most people have fantasized about their wedding, it can sometimes be hard to put into words. Photo inspiration can help you point out the styles and trends that speak to you. Our wedding specialists can home in on your personal styles depending on the wedding photos that you like and don’t like.

Check out our wedding photo gallery for inspiration. We’ve got a beautiful mix of styles for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Once we know your style, we will help you select the finest wedding equipment in the region to give you the personalized wedding of your dreams.


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