The Latest Baby Shower Trend is to Break With Tradition

When it comes to a baby shower, the rules are changing. Baby showers are no longer showered in pinks and blues. The latest baby shower trend is to break with tradition.

Traditional Baby Showers

The only rule that you have to follow is throwing a shower that represents the parents-to-be. When you throw a baby shower, you are basically a party planner for your best friends, so the only thing you have to do is to listen to their wants and needs. If the parents want to embrace all the traditional baby shower elements, then, by all means, give them what they want.

Although traditions are fun, you don’t have to incorporate all of them, and there are a few traditions that we should just get rid of all together.

Drop the Gender Normative Colors

Baby shower trends

Use gender neutral colors!

One of the biggest traditions in a baby shower is to use gender normative colors for boys and girls. However, it’s 2018 and it’s time we drop the pinks and the blues and start using gender-neutral colors. Breaking from tradition will also give your baby shower the extra pop that will make it more memorable and Instagram worthy. White, yellow, green, and silver are perfect baby shower colors. Keep them in the lighter tones for a sweeter and more innocent “new baby” vibe.

Invite Everybody

Since you’ve dropped the gender normative colors, drop the gender normative guest list and invite everyone. It’s a little too “Downton Abbey” to only invite the women to a baby shower, so drop that tradition and open up the doors to anyone who wants to celebrate the new parents. That also means that you should involve the dad, because his life is about to change, as well. He is going to appreciate that diaper genie and mini-cupcakes just as much as the mother will.

Serve Alcohol or Not?

The mother won’t be able to drink, plus, it’s most likely a day event, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a glass of champagne, rose all day, or a signature cocktail (not too strong) for the guests that can drink.

Rent Baby Shower Supplies

Once you know what type of baby shower your friends would like, and you have an idea of the guest list, make it easy on yourself and rent the supplies you need. Rent the decor, chairs, linens, and tables. Avoid the stress by having everything delivered and picked up, and you won’t have to limit your baby shower ideas to stuff you already have in the garage.

No baby shower is too big or too small for our party specialists. Rent party supplies from Colorado Party Rentals for a seamless and stress-free party.


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