Football Fun! Enjoy the Season Kick Off!

Invite your friends to a party that is sure to guarantee a winning season! It’s been a long spring and summer waiting for our beloved All American Sport to return!  Sundays are now complete again. So celebrate with a Kick Off Party complete with every tailgating treat you love!

Here are 4 Tips on how to make your Football Season Kick Off Party a Winner!

1. Dress the Part! Ask your guests to wear their favorite team’s Jersey or T Shirt! And go crazy with your own favorite team’s colors. As The host and hostess you have that right! Create a mini football field on your main food table by stretching a bight green paper runner down the middle and mark off the yard lines.

Football Victory

2. Decorate! This is the time to pull out all of your nostalgic football decor!  You can go crazy with your collection of home team knick knacks. Add in a few fun touches like arranging your utensils in large aluminum cans (washed) and wrapped in brown paper with white “laces” glued on to create a football. You don’t have to make expensive purchases to create a stylish and fun Football Kick Off Theme. Just run through the house and collect anything in your team’s colors. You need to go for Colts Blue and White? Grab that blue vase from the living room, and that large white coffee cup from the kitchen. Place your forks in the coffee cup and hang some fun streamers from the vase as a centerpiece.

3. Keep it fun for all! Plan a trivia game with questions to be asked at commercial time throughout the kickoff game. Plan for your little ones to have some fun too! Provide some coloring sheets and even a few footballs cut from craft foam. Let the girls bedazzle them while the boys try whirling them across the room.  Let the girls try their hand at handmade pom poms, and the boys can tackle a confetti cup to be tossed as the clocks ticks down to the final seconds and your favorite team wins!party food

4. Food, Food, Food! What is game time without food? Its time to pull out the list of all of your favorites you save for this time of year only. Pigs in a blanket, 7 layer mexican dip, jalepeno sliders hot off the grill. Bring it on! Choose your menu items and ask your friends to bring something to add to the meal.

Don’t forget the kids here either. Hot Dogs aren’t the only food kids eat! How about letting them make their own meatball subs on a stick. Build a skewer with small meatballs, chunks of bread and cheese. Then provide “dipping” cups of marinara sauce. How about snow cones, or popcorn with chocolate pieces?

Parties for Sports superfans

Game Time Is here! Trust Colorado Party Rentals to make sure your Kick Off Party is a Winner!

Tuscany styleWhether you need a couple of tables or a lot, we can take care of your game time event in Denver or anywhere in Colorado. Want to keep your guests cool outdoors while the grill is cooking away? Let us provide a outdoor party tent to keep the sun off , the rain away and your grill hot! Enjoy Football Season this year with Colorado Party Rentals!

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