Football Kick Off with a Chili Cook Off

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Football season is right around the corner. Some people just let this time of year pass like it was any other day. But not a true football fan!  You have been waiting for months – the roar of the crowd, the clashing helmets, and the smells of football food! Oh – those smells! This year, make the start to the season a tasty one.  Football fans know that the season isn’t only about team loyalty; it’s also about food! Kick off the season with festivities full of food! Gather several of your closest “friends”, the ones who understand why you’re screaming at the TV! Invite them to a unique tailgate party to kick off the season – No parking lot necessary. This time you can “tailgate” in your own backyard!

Make it interesting this time,
Hold a chili cook-off!

Summer is on its way out and Fall is approaching. In the height of football season, on those cold days of fall and winter, when the snow is falling on the field and you are decked out in the colors of your favorite team, make your half time meal a hearty one!  Invite your guests to chow down on some good old-fashioned chili.

Don’t just invite your guests to watch the game,
but make your Sunday a fun one with a main attraction at half time.

Meat stew with red beans and chili Send a creative invitation such as a large chili pot, or a die cut of a wooden spoon. Find something to catch the eye of your guests, and include all the details of your chili cook off event.  Make it fun and let the men do the cooking and the women do the judging! Send out a score card in your invitations to give the guys a heads up on how they’ll be judged. Make it simple, 2-3 categories of chill. and a basic 1-3 score for each. You may decide to include a line for writing a comment to the cook.

Create different categories of chill to compete within. Cincinnati chili is a famous one to copy! How about interesting ingredients, like a can of coke, or a dark chocolate bar, or pancake syrup? Challenge your guests to find the BEST recipe, and encourage them not to simply go for “hot”, but to go for creative chill flavors. Some say “the hotter, the better!”, others like it little sweeter with a touch of brown sugar added.

Ask your guests to bring some toppings and side dishes to add to the meal. Finish your bowl of steaming chill with toppings such as corn chips, shredded cheese, sweet corn cut form the cob, sour cream, avocado, hot sauces and more!

Chili con carne party meals

Enjoy the football seasonKick off the football season with Colorado Party Rentals!

Let us keep your chili hot with food service rentals in many varieties! Add some extra tables to your backyard to highlight each contestant’s chili,  and allow plenty of room for your judges to stop and taste. With Colorado Party Rentals, your football season kick off will be a winner! We service your tailgate party in Denver and all over Colorado.

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