Fun Food Options for Weddings

There are many fun food options for weddings that stray a little from the classic buffet

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Many couples make strategic decisions about their wedding venue or the style and theme of their reception meal, but many fail to give much thought to the appetizers. We all know that guests appreciate a light munchie between the ceremony and the reception. With that in mind, take a look at the new trends for artisan foods. Adding interest to your appetizers is another way to make your wedding a delightful and exciting experience.

The quality of food has risen among couples with regard to their wedding planning priorities, but they still often choose the same tenderloin medallions and chicken filet for the buffet. You can keep the classic dinner as well, but take the other moments of the event (cocktail, late-night snack) to give your guests fun food.

Finger Food

These are appetizers so simple and small they can be eaten with the fingers, formerly known as the old canapes and hors-d’oeuvres.finger food for weddings

The truth is not everyone wants mini spinach quiche at their wedding. Taking the risk to ask the chef to get creative can introduce you to a world of endless choices.

Some good examples can be miniature versions of traditional dishes, like mini shrimp cocktail and shots of soup, mini fruit salad with feta, oysters with chili, mini pizza bites, mini burgers, mini fish and chips, and much more.

Food trucks

The Food Truck revolution can bring to mind many images, but this old-school phenomenon brought back to style can add just the element of fun you are looking for at your wedding. This can become the perfect complement to the main meal. Usually, this type of food is relatively simple (that does not mean that there can’t be gourmet food trucks) and you can eat it while standing.

Some examplesfood truck wedding served on food trucks are tacos, sandwiches, pretzels, donuts, ice cream, and pizza, but the food truck industry has an incredible array of food choices. You are sure to find something that will suit your style and preferences!

Add fun and interest to your wedding by spicing up your food options. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the usual chicken dinner and buffet service. This is your day, and your chance to choose anything you like! Whether it’s funky artisan appetizers or a line of specialty food trucks lined up and ready to serve, you and your guests will enjoy the unexpected excitement added to your special day!

Photos Credit: Justin Lee Photography via Green Wedding Photography

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