Head Table or Sweetheart Table

One of the toughest questions couples often face is whether to have a head table or sweetheart table. In the end, it is your choice only. Will you want to share intimate moments during this event, or are you a social party animal and will have more fun mingling with the guests? This is what Colorado Party thinks.

Sweetheart table

Enjoy a little bit more privacy

It offers more privacy and time alone with your beloved.

Why is the Sweetheart Table becoming more popular? Maybe because it offers more privacy and time alone with your beloved. It is accurate enough to say that couples are often so busy entertaining and chatting with their guests, they spend little time alone. On a less selfish tone, it is also a welcome change for bridesmaid and best men, as they will have more freedom to do as they please, where they please, and with whom they choose. And while you’ll be sitting at your own table, it will be easy to stand up and walk to your guests.

Head Table

You will be at the very centre of the party

The Head Table

With the Head Table, you are at the heart of the party, immersed and surrounded by loved ones. Close family, close friends, they will all be there relieving you of the pressure of being the stars of the day. You are also honoring those who are dear to you. Your maid of honor and best man, as well as siblings, will help you soothe your nerves and get rid of the jitters, and especially, get ready for the fun celebrations and party times. From the guests’ point of view, they will enjoy being closer to you and feel more part of it.                          

There is no wrong or right choice

In the end, it is not a question of deciding what is best, but it is about what you like. It is your wedding ceremony,  and you have to do what pleases you the most. Colorado Party Rentals can undoubtedly help you see the pros and cons and come to the right decision, like the one that suits you best, because, that is what it’s all about. Why don’t you pop into our beautiful office located in Denver and Colorado Springs, or give us a call at cpartyrentals. It will be our pleasure to assist you in any possible way. The success of your wedding celebration is our deepest concern.

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