How to Choose a Chair for Your Next Event

Chairs are a staple at any event, but a chair is never just a chair. If you’re trying to develop a vision for your event, the style of the chair becomes even more important. For every event, there is a perfect chair; you just have to find it.

Requirements for the perfect chair

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When you look for the perfect chair for your next event, you have to consider function, style, and comfort. For most events, you need more chairs than anything else, therefore they make a big visual impact. If the chairs are wrong, they can throw off your entire vision.


How the chairs are going to be used should factor into your choice. For a wedding reception, you may want to consider how well you can decorate the chairs and how much they add to the ambiance. The function of the chair should incorporate everything, from style to comfort. If you’re setting up chairs for a wedding ceremony or a conference, think about the shape of the chair, and how they utilize the space available. You want people to be comfortable, but you also want to have enough chairs for everyone, so they should be easy to set up in rows without wasting space.


When you are choosing chairs for a dinner, reception, or cocktail party, you have to consider the size of the chair. Make sure it’s the right height, shape, and size of your table. For cocktail tables, you’ll need taller chairs, or barstools. For a kids table, you’ll need matching tiny chairs.

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Consider the comfort and function of the chairs you choose.


The style of your event will help you narrow down your chair selection. Find a chair that enhances the theme. Consider both the shape and the style, but also the materials. If you’re going for a rustic ambiance, using wooden chairs will often flow with the other elements at your event. If you’re hosting a conference, folding chairs are an obvious choice.


You also need to consider how long people are going to be sitting in the chairs. You may want to think about adding cushions to increase the comfort of the chairs. Sitting in the chairs before you rent is the only way to know if the chair is comfortable. Visiting a showroom at a party rental company will allow you to sit in many different chairs so you can make an informed decision.

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