How To Celebrate Earth Day 2015 with Kids!

Teach your children environmental awareness this earth day with a party suited for kids! This worldwide annual observance helps us focus on the big and little parts we can do to help our environment. Kids play apart in this too, especially the little parts! Colorado Party Rentals shows a few strategic ways to get your kids involved in protecting and stewarding our world for their generation!

Child holding Earth planet in hands

Crafts for Kids Earth Day Party

Teach kids how to recycle or upcycle to do their part in saving the earth. Turn a recycled can, or carton into a planter. Be sure there are no sharp edges and wash thoroughly. First, have the kids fill with gravel for the water to drain. Next, choose flowers, herbs or even a vegetable plant to transplant. Fill around the plant with potting soil.

Creative Games To Teach Upcycling

Gather recyclables, empty bottles, cereal boxes, milk cartons, or egg containers. Divide children into teams. Give each team a roll of packing tape and half the recyclables. The teams must then build the most creative structures using the recyclables. Get creative- build towers, tunnels, arches, houses, etc..!

Recyclable Snacks

Even snacks can be environmentally friendly for earth day! Consider your serving dishes, use reusable plates and cups and explain why to the kids.  Serve water out of jugs rather than individual bottles. Have the kids create a ‘dirt and worms’ dessert in a bowl or serve flower shaped cookies. Any kind of ‘nature’ theme snack will do too!

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