Celebrate Earth Day with a Picnic For The Planet!

Celebrate earth day this year with a family friendly picnic! How often is it that one gets to soak up the sun in a beautiful Denver park, enjoying gourmet food with friends? Gather your picnic basket and a bottle of wine as Colorado Party Rentals gives a few stellar ideas for a magical picnic outside in Denver this spring.

The Location:Stock Images with paid rights

Picnic anywhere, even your back yard, but make it a place that is visually pleasing- it helps in food digestion. A few favorites in Denver include Platte Park, where you can watch the kayakers take on the rapids, or Washington Park for a classic picnic by the Russian Willows and Denver’s largest flower garden. City Park is another favorite, with the best view of downtown Denver and the mountains as a backdrop.

The Food:wine and cheese tasting in the countryside

Classic picnic fare typically includes a potato salad, cold fried chicken, boiled eggs and some type of dessert you can preferably eat with your fingers! Lemonade is always a popular choice, and welcomed at public parks, as alcoholic beverages are not. Other non-traditional picnic foods would be watermelon salad, marinated olives, cheese and crackers. Get creative and have fun with your food!

Tips For Packing:

  • Separate hot and cold foods
  • Pack cooler in reverse order so you eat first what is at the top
  • Freeze water bottles to save space and keep food cool instead of ice packs
  • Use cloth napkins and re-usable plates to reduce waste

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