How to Create Vintage Rope Signs

You can step up the Rustic Charm for your next event with a simple DIY project that will add a little homestead charm to your event!Vintage Rope Signs for your Event

Here is how we made our rustic rope signs to add country feel to our Old- Time event!


What you will need:

  • Ply Wood or Wood laminate. Measure and cut into the size of your choice.
  • A natural fiber braided rope. Rope made of natural fibers include, Manila Hemp, Hemp, Jute, straw or sisal. To keep with your rustic theme stay away from ropes made with synthetics like sinless or polypropylene.
  • Paint – Choose a flat finish. But, your color options are wide open.

What You Will Do:

  • Cut your wood to the size of your desired sign. Consider the length of the word you plan to letter and some room around the edge for border. Most home improvement stores will make these cuts for you for a minimal fee.
  • Paint the piece of wood. Give it plenty of time to dry. Don’t worry about giving it 2 or 3 coats. Even one coat will do. Remember we are looking for the feel of making do with what we have. So just because you bought the quart doesn’t mean you have to use it all.
  • Trace lightly, with a pencil, the word you want to display in the font of your choice. (We chose an Old Schoolhouse form of cursive)
  • Line a few inches of your traced word with hot glue, then quickly and carefully lay down your rope on top of your pencil traced line. Do not line too much ahead with the glue as it dries very quickly.
  • Accent when complete, use fresh flowers, a Prize Ribbon, a pair of old keys, or anything in keeping with your theme.
Horse Theme Decor

Rope Sign for Horse Theme Birthday Party

Try creating a sign to direct guests where to park – use period words, like wagon hitching, or Hitchin’ Post.  You may use a sign at your drink station that says: Waterin’ Hole.  Be creative and have fun with the theme. Place your signs all around your event venue, especially outdoor around the lawn and your covered party area. Don’t forget a tent to keep your rustic feel safe from the elements, and add country charm to the tent poles and food and drink areas with these rope signs.

simple place settings

Vintage table setting

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