Plan a Happy Trails Horse Party!

Every little girl goes through a horse phase. For some of us it never ends. But thankfully your little girl can indulge her horse fantasies as much as she likes with these creative ideas for a Horsin’ Around Birthday Party.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t have access to real horses you can still create the atmosphere of sunny day at the barn for your guests to enjoy! complete with crafting tables for each guest to make their own take home party favors.

Here is how we created our “Happy Trails” horse themed birthday party!

6 Elements of our Horse Barn Birthday Party:

Horse Theme Decor

1. Use Real Horse Tack for Party Decor. We picked up a few large wood pallets from a local paint store. They were happy to get rid of them. We hammered in a few nails and hang our horse tack on them, including helmets, lead drops, rope halters, curry combs and more. Even if you don’t own any of these items you can re create the look with rustic rope and a long dog leash. Just loop it together to create the look and hang it on one of the nails. Even Bike helmets can work!

2. DIY is the way to go here! Keeping the theme true to rustic country style, opt for homemade and handmade elements to your decor.


We Created Everything we needed for our Horse Theme Decor!

  • Our own, personalized prize ribbons
  • Party streamers to use as decor all around the party. (Look for coming tutorials)
  • Rustic signs traced with twine.
  • Look for coming posts with tutorials…

3. We kept the food country and simple. We asked our friend to make the cake and requested that the cake be simple because our daughter wanted to showcase some play mobile ponies on top of the cake. Our drink was Old -Fashioned Sweet Tea served in mini mason jars with colored paper straws.

Horse Themed party cakeWe made 2 simple snacks:

1. Cowgirl cornbread – a type of casserole with cornbread mix and seasoned pinto beans layered with cheese. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.

2. Trail bites  – Tear pieces of flour tortilla and line each well of a greased cupcake pan with the tortilla. Add refried beans and a sprinkle of cheese, bake at 350 for under 15 minutes. Watch carefully the edges of the tortilla don’t burn.

4. We used one of the pallets as our centerpiece.  We set it atop our main food table and leaning back against a wall. We covered it in handmade vintage streamers. Look for a coming tutorial post on how you can do this at home!

IMG_57825. We played old fashioned relay games. Their favorite was  “The Sock Match”. Collect 10-20 pairs of long socks. Divide the pairs leaving 1 pair in a lil at the end of a relay area,  and the other matches in a pile at the other end of the relay lane.  The idea is that guests will pair up in twos. The first will put on one sock run to the end to find the match and put it on too. Then, she runs back to the starting point, sits down and the partner must then remove the socks. Next, the 2nd partner does the same thing. The first team to complete the relay wins. And what do they win? Well, a handmade prize ribbon of course!

6. We allowed each of the guests to create their own take home party favor at our crafting stations. In classic country style we encouraged creativity and usefulness. The first and favorite craft was a coffee mug (for their pens and markers of course!), decorated with oil based sharpies. When they finished their creations, we baked them at 350 for 30 minutes to set the ink. Even so, care must be taken always when washing.

Rustic Farm Tables

Rustic Decor

Your Horse Themed Party is Good Hands with Colorado Party Rentals!

Do you need a tent to house your outdoor Barn party? Do you need tables to create your country craft stations? Colorado Party Rentals can help you create every element of your horse themed birthday party! Whether you need a large tent or a small one, lots of tables or just a few, they can serve your horse theme party in Denver or anywhere in Colorado!


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