Narrowing Your Choices in Hiring the Right Wedding Planner

How to choose the right wedding planner, weddings in Colorado

He popped the question and got down on one knee, or perhaps proposed in another way! It doesn’t matter; ever since then, your mind has been racing with ideas on what your “Big Day” will look like! Just a few conversations about the details have probably sent your fiancé to the Internet yellow pages looking for help! Colorado Party Rentals brought you the first step in choosing the right wedding planner! Now, you have narrowed your list of possible options for your wedding planner, and it’s time to make a phone call and begin to ask the crucial questions.

Clarify These Two Questions With Your Fiancé

1. What are our needs for a wedding planner? Do we need someone who can plan every detail and ask me the occasional question? Do I want to manage the majority of the planning but seek help for some more significant tasks? Or, do I want to have someone there on the day of the wedding to make sure it all runs smoothly, to receive flowers and cake, assure the decorations have been adequately placed at the venue site, and organize the vendors and wedding party?

 2. What is our budget? What level of service can we afford? This will help you prioritize some things about your wedding, if necessary.

Time to Call and Talk to the Wedding Planner

Once you have established what you’re looking for and how much you can spend, then make your calls and have your list at hand.

choose the right wedding planner, rentals all over Colorado and WyomingHere are the questions to ask your potential wedding planner. 

  • Do you have our wedding date open? Is there any advice you can give regarding this date? Holidays, venue difficulties, seasonal or weather issues?
  • Describe the most challenging wedding you have planned? Tell me what the challenges were and how you handled them?
  • Are you a certified wedding planner? What is your educational background?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • When was your last full-scale wedding?


How busy is the wedding planner? 

  • How many clients do you take in a year? How many other weddings are planned for the month of our wedding?
  • How large is your staff? How personally involved will you be in the details of our wedding?
  • What service packages do you offer and what do they include? What level of service can you provide for the budget we have to work with? In that case, what will you do specifically, and what will be left for me to do? Be very specific here. If you choose a package in which the consultant handles only some of the details, you need to know what you are responsible for handling. You don’t want to expect your consultant to manage something and realize it was your responsibility.

the best wedding planner in ColoradoWhen it comes to booking vendors, there are a few things to keep in mind and questions to ask your potential wedding planner, too. Look for more helpful information in coming posts on how to choose the right wedding planner for you! Colorado Party Rentals can guide you in the process of selecting the right person to help you make your Big Day a memorable experience! Don’t trust your memories to just anyone. Hiring the right wedding planner can make the difference between being frustrated or relaxed on your Wedding Day!

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