Keeping Your Dream Wedding Eco-Friendly

Your wedding dress may be white, but it would be nice if everything else is green. Being environment-conscious is not just a passing trend, but an increasing need for the good of all of the living creatures on our planet. If you’re looking to make your wedding eco-friendly, we’ve got a few suggestions. Here is our guide to keeping your wedding eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Options

Outdoor weddings

Choose an outdoor wedding and let nature be your decoration!

Planning a wedding may seem overwhelming enough, but with every choice you make, there is always a “green choice” from the venue to the decorations to the food. Everything about your wedding can be eco-friendly, and eco-friendly choices aren’t necessarily going to increase your budget. There are plenty of ways to have a green wedding while sticking to a sensible budget.

Green Wedding Venues

When it comes to the venue, the most ecological choice is to have an outdoor day wedding. An outdoor wedding venue will have organic and all-natural decorations already in place, and with the natural sunlight to light your day wedding, you’ll be saving a ton of energy.

As the wedding goes into the night, you can feel good about turning on some romantic lighting because you saved energy during the daylight hours.

Eco-friendly wedding tips

Save paper by having information written on a chalkboard at the wedding venue.

Recycled Paper Products

One of the biggest hits to the environment that comes with the wedding is all the paper products that you need. Save the date, invitations, envelopes, RSVP cards (plus another envelope), wedding details, printed wedding programs, and place cards all add up to a lot of paper. Although many couples still prefer traditional paper wedding invitations, using recycled paper can make this a greener choice.

For everything else, don’t be afraid to go digital. Create a website with wedding details, like accommodations, registry, dress code, directions, etc.

On the day of the wedding, instead of having a printed program, create a beautiful sign or use chalkboards and write down the program or any other useful information for your guests.

Seasonal, Sustainable Blooms

Eco-friendly wedding tips

Seasonal and local blooms will make your wedding more eco-friendly.

A wedding needs flowers. When you choose your flowers, look for a florist that will cut the stems at the last possible moment. That way, you save energy on storage for the flowers. By using local, seasonal flowers, you are cutting back on transportation. Seasonal blooms will also be the freshest. So, whether you’re thinking green or not, choosing seasonal blooms from your area is a great way to ensure quality.

Seasonal, Sustainable Food

Just like the flowers, asking your caterer to create dishes from seasonal fruits and veggies will ensure quality, flavor, and sustainability. Using organic ingredients from local farmers, ranchers, and fisheries will keep the quality high and the cost down.

charming table setting for your thanksgiving dinner

Wedding Rentals in Colorado

Renting your wedding rentals is also a green option. Any time you can reuse, reduce, and recycle will help towards the “green factor” in your wedding. Ask our wedding specialists about wedding rentals for a green outdoor wedding. We’ll help you design your dream green wedding!


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