Holiday Party Etiquette 101 for your Denver Events

Holiday parties and social gatherings are upon us.  Colorado Party Rentals has everything you need for holiday events, parties, birthdays and weddings.   As fun as these events are, if you aren’t equipped with proper social etiquette skills, these events can be intimidating.  Colorado Party Rentals give you a few simple, but effective ways to have the upper hand in holiday socializing.  It’s our Holiday Etiquette Guide 101!

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The first way to make the best impression is to RSVP in a timely manner.  Replying with ‘maybe’ isn’t helpful to anyone.  If you aren’t sure if you can attend alert your hostess that you may have a prior commitment.  Do no ever bring an uninvited, un RSVP’d guest.  If you have an out of town friend with you, advise your hostess ahead of time you will be unable to attend due to your friend being in town.  The hostess may then extend the invitation to your friend, if appropriate.

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Yes, there are actual rules to introduction.  Always introduce the older person first, use titles, if necessary.  For example, introduce the older Mr. Jones to the younger Ms. Smith.  In the same way, introduce men to the women, by addressing the woman first.  Follow up an introduction with a quick description of what that person does professionally, or what you admire about them.  This will give them a conversation starter and make you their best friend for doing so!

Ice breakers

The most unnerving time at a social event is the first half hour.  Getting in the door, taking into account everyone you don’t know and trying to make awkward conversation can be intimidating.  The best way to break the ice in a social gathering is by giving a compliment to one you are speaking with.  This disarms the person and makes a way for friendship.  Ask questions, lots of questions and show a genuine interest in what the person is saying.  Be interested in who they are, where they come from.  People love to share about themselves, this will immediately open doors!

Thank You’s

You can end your first impression with a follow up thank you note.  A three line thank you to the host for inviting you is sufficient and will set you apart from the rest.  It will also cover over any social faux pas made at the party!

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