How to Throw the Best Bridal Shower?

Hosting a bridal shower for a newly-engaged couple can be a little scary. Where should you start? What’s the best way to serve the ones you love? So you go out on cyberspace to gather ideas. Pinterest, blogs, and Instagram are always a great place for inspiration. Let us help you do it the best way possible with these simple tips.

Bridal shower cookies1. Personalize with Care and Love

It’s all about the details. Personalizing a bridal shower is more than just using the couples favorite colors. You need to add special, unexpected touches anywhere possible. Nothing says “We Love You,” better than those little details that show how much you know them. You want to put all your effort into creating a memorable day for both the guests and guest-of-honor.



2. Include their FavoritesBridal shower party

What is her favorite cocktail or beverage? Is she fond of chocolate or caramel? Does she prefer a sour or sweet taste? Does she like cake or ice cream? Catering a menu aligned to her preferences will make the day extra-special for her and her guests.


3. Invest in Thoughtful Touches

If you want this to go deeper, you need to think about those things that make the bride-to-be smile. Do fresh flowers make her day? If so, which are her favorite ones, tulips, roses, or daisies? Is she drawn to words? Maybe printing some romantic quotes would warm her heart as she walks into the room. Whatever it is, just follow your instinct and focus on the things that remind you of the couple right away. Have someone in charge of documenting the party via photographs or video. This helps to keep good memories for years to come.

organize bridal shower, Send E Vites for your Holiday Dinner Party, Hire the right wedding planner4. Get the Guests Involved

All guests invited are there for the happy couple. Let them be involved. Some of the closest friends can even help you plan. However, don’t forget to get everyone else involved. One good idea is to ask them to be prepared for a sweet story or toast to share with the bride-to-be or to have them bring an item that reminds them of her. Have a guest book for them to leave best wishes for the future couple, or make a video with kind words from every guest. Just make sure you give them an opportunity to show their love for the bride-to-be.

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