Surprise Your Loved One with a Great Party

“There is nothing better than the face of excitement on someone who has been truly surprised.”

Surprise parties are so popular even up to the date, so much so, that many times guests assume it is a surprise party even when it isn’t. This can regularly lead to confusion. Let us help you cover all the basics, so your surprise event is a complete success.

Send E Vites for your Holiday Dinner Party, Hire the right wedding planner

Tell People in Advance

It is super important to tell people right on the invitation that it is a surprise party. Punchbowl offers great surprise party invitations, which are available online for free. Sending a specific invitation that talks about the surprise factor remind your guests to keep their lips sealed.

Define the Start Time

When sending the invitations, you should also keep in mind to set up an exact time for when you want guests to arrive. Usually, it should be at least thirty minutes before you expect the guest of honor to arrive.

surprise birthday party

Plan a “Fake” Activity

Plan a “distraction” for the guest of honor. This will help you on multiple levels. First, it gives you the certainty that your guest of honor will be available on that date. Secondly, it throws the honoree off track. You can even get some other guests involved so that it flows more naturally.

Make Sure the Dress Code Fits the Occasion

You need to make sure the celebrated one is doing a “fake” activity in which they are dressed properly for the surprise party. Ultimately, you want them to feel as comfortable as possible during the party and with the rest of the group.

Enjoy and Have Fun

You won’t be able to control everyone, so somebody might slip up, but if you follow these tips, you can have a better chance to be successful at it. Remember, we have all you need for your events. Let us help you plan and execute your surprise party so your loved one can feel special and honored.


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