Last-Minute Checklist for a Holiday Dinner Under Control!

The countdown has begun and all the holiday event preparations are underway. If you are expecting a large group of guests for your Christmas dinner, you may be worried about how to pull it all together when it’s “Go Time!”

last minute Thanksgiving Dinner Party Checklist,Here is your last-minute event checklist:

1. Guest /RSVP list. While your invitations should have been sent weeks ago – whether by phone email or ground mail – you will need to review your RSVP list to confirm the number of guests to expect. Last-minute cancellations are common, and since this is easy to delegate, get one of the family members who’s already in town to help you call around.

2. Set-up. First, decide if you will be serving appetizers. Will they be passed or buffet style? How much space will you need for guests to move around sampling appetizers without interfering and causing traffic jams while you are making the finishing touches on the main meal?  Next, how you would like to serve the main meal? Determine the space you need for the food service table, and you can’t begin to plan a seating arrangement or food service plan until you have your RSVPs confirmed. Then, you need to arrange the tables within the space you have left. Also, on your set-up list, you should include serving utensils, serving bowls, platters, tablecloths, napkins, and all other food service items you may need. Inventory your kitchen and make any purchases necessary. Colorado Party Rentals is the Holiday Event Expert! We can help you with everything you need to create the perfect seating arrangements for your Colorado Holiday Feast! Tables, chairs, and linens can all be set up by our experts.

ideas table setup3. Decór.  We constantly give you lots of tips on how to bring the season indoors. Your table decor can be an easy project, and it doesn’t have to be the typical red, green, and gold! Keep in mind that even if you plan to serve your food on a separate table, you will want a little space in the center for butter, salad dressings, salt, and pepper, so don’t overdo it! On guest seating tables, keep your decor low and use candlelight to add a warm glow. 

Enjoy your loved ones without the stress of party planning! Review your checklist and then relax! All holiday parties are under control!

Merry Christmas

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