Last Minute Christmas Planning Tips

The Holiday season may catch any of us super-busy, thus delaying or postponing the preparation for the festive activities. We get it, it’s the year’s finale, and things may get hectic at work around this time. But you still want to prepare and celebrate Christmas beautifully decorated, in a joyful and relaxed manner. Here are some smart quick-tips that will help you achieve that magic holiday vibe in no-time!

Lights, Action!

christmas tree lightThis is the time of year in which there can’t be too much lighting decorations. And lights give that instant holiday glow! We know lighting around the house or garden can take up some time, so what we suggest is placing them strategically at certain spots in your home. Accentuate the entrance or hallway with lights, that way guests will be wowed right from the start and will get the impression that your home is super-ready for Christmas. Additionally, throw fairy-lights on one large plant in your garden, around a big mirror (for extra reflective glow), or wrap some lights around the banisters that will visually provide a nice long line of twinkles.

Create a Table Top Setting

It isn’t that complicated. Think of just a few essential accessories and details (it’s always the details that make something stand out) like pine cones, red or gold ribbons, elegant linens and serviettes, and place them on each set of platters. You may also add a table centerpiece of a large ready-made Christmas wreath.

Mandatory, add candles! Even better if they’re scented with some Christmasy fragrance. If you feel the color scheme of your table setting is a bit dull for a festive style, choose red and green – or for extra spark – gold candles for the table, and you have instantly achieved the Christmas table setting.

Holiday lighting and tabletopPlan Food Ahead

Food is essential, and cooking cannot be avoided for festive dining, so plan your cooking, and prepare some food in advance that can be frozen and then thawed when needed. There are also many delicious one-pot recipes that save you time, dishes, and mess around the kitchen.

Music Sets the Mood

Technology today is phenomenal. There are already infinite thematic playlists on Youtube, or you can quickly create your own there or on Spotify to set the mood for days!

Rent the Equipment and Relax

Renting for Christmas (or any other event) will save you trouble, time, and space to begin with. Why keep some items in your home if you use them very rarely. Rent tables and extra chairs, glassware, linens, platters, candle holders, and much more with the help of our party planning experts.



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