Rent Extra Chairs, Tables, and Tableware for the Holiday

The holidays are about gathering everyone you love and eating ‘til you drop. If your holiday feasts grow bigger and bigger each year, you’ll need extra tables, chairs, and tableware. Find things that match your style and the holiday spirit.

Match your interior decor

Holiday party rentalsNot everyone has room to store extra tables and chairs to bring out for the holidays. You’ve already got years worth of decorations taking up space in the garage; you don’t need to add more stuff. Renting tables, chairs, and tableware is the most efficient way to make room for a growing family. Plus, when you rent, you can find things that match the style in your home.

Holiday Table Settings

There’s nothing more stunning than setting the table with matching flatware, stemware, and fine china. No matter your style, our party specialists can help you set up a mock table, finding tableware that perfectly matches your holiday theme and decorative style.

Casual and elegant

Something as simple as white china and sparkling silverware will make your holiday table setting feel relaxed but still beautiful and unique. Rent wooden tables that bring some warm natural tones, and accentuate your table with a pop of color from a table runner, or a holiday centerpiece.

Holiday Colors

Use fall and winter colors to accentuate the holiday spirit. Silvers, white, reds, and greens are classic holiday colors. Taking inspiration from the colors of the season is another way to envoke the feeling of the holidays. Keep your palette to a minimum, choosing just a few tones to create some texture and intrigue without overwhelming the table.

Colorado Party Rentals offers the finest rentals to help make your holidays special.

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