Latest wedding trends for 2016

If you’re getting married in 2016, your wedding planning is probably well under the works. And so many of the trends that will be popping up this year are already being done by many couples. This means the vendors are making it happen for them. Here are some things you can expect to see, hopefully you get inspired.

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Boho Brides with lots of off-the-shoulder wedding dresses, maybe a cream and blush color with succulent bouquets. (Reference back to our post on green being the *new* pink). Woodland, foliage and dense greenery are going to be used to bring in a touch of originality instead of using too many pastels.

This trend isn”t going anywhere, mismatched bridesmaids are now a thing of the past. Now, brides allow their lady friends to choose their own dress style and color of choice to flatter their bodies. The best thing is, these dresses get used up more than once and makes for a versatile look in the pictures.

Desserts other than cake Who can argue with too much dessert? Couples are deciding to opt out of cake and are replacing it with a variety of sweets and treats.

Couples nowadays are focusing on quality over quantity, which is why we are seeing many intimate dinners instead of big weddings. These include family style dining tables and low lush arrangements.


Brunch weddings are becoming all the rage, it allows for your wedding to be just as elegant and extravagant but with a smaller budget. How about adding some mimosas? No brunch would be complete to go without them.

With the rise of adventure photography, we are seeing a slow shift in locations for weddings to more camp-, outdoor-, or travel-themed locations, so expect to see many adventure weddings.

Sustainable catering gone are the days couples will serve the traditional wedding steak and chicken. The use of organic or locally sourced food is becoming more important to millennials. This is why more and more couples are making it a priority in their wedding budget.

In 2016 we expect to see use of lot’s of color! Couples will be bolder in their use of vibrant tones.


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