Lighting to Enhance the Style of Your Wedding

Lighting is everything, especially when it comes to your wedding. Your wedding is going to produce photographs that you want to cherish forever and share on every social media platform. There are many styles of lighting, so be sure to rent lighting to match the style of your wedding.

Creating a haunted house

Finding your lighting style

Lighting is key to creating the right mood and ambiance. The right lighting can elevate the style of your wedding. There is no one-style-fits-all, and you’ll probably need a few types of lighting to complete your vision.


For a classic wedding, you want to add elegant and romantic lighting fixtures. Whether you have an indoor venue or a big white wedding tent, the chandelier is a classic lighting fixture for a classic style wedding. A chandelier can be classic, with a silver frame and sparkly crystals lit up by the bulbs, but you can also use chandeliers to create a more dramatic effect by having a black iron frame and ornate bulbs. You’re going to need more than just your chandeliers for a classic wedding. You’re going to need some task lighting, as well as some mood lighting.


Rent lighting for your weddingEvery wedding, no matter the style, will look good under the twinkle of string lights. However, to create a more romantic atmosphere, think about draping the string lights all over the ceiling. There’s nothing more fairytale-like and romantic than sitting under a canopy of draped string lights.


There’s nothing more trendy these days than getting married in a barn. To match the style of a rustic barn wedding, think about using a lot of live candles, or fake “live candles,” and charming candelabras. Bistro string lights with various size bulbs will help enhance the rustic barn-like atmosphere.

Colorado Party Rentals offers the finest wedding equipment in the Colorado region, including lighting. Talk to a wedding specialist about the right lighting to enhance your wedding style.



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