Throw An Impromptu Party!

Fall is almost here, but there are still plenty of sunny days to celebrate. Learn how to throw a last minute party with finesse!  Colorado Party Rentals tells you how with a few tips on spontaneous parties!  If all you have is a week or two, this is what you do to throw a party with panache!

Guest List

Invite your friends and family using your phone and internet.  Utilize Facebook and texting to get your invitations out!  You can track RSVP’s as well!

party food

The next step is to plan and purchase your food. Go easy, just buy already made appetizers or pick up food from your favorite local restaurant. Although, as an easy alternative, choose a menu that will be simple to prepare. A pasta salad and green salad or a salad trio of chicken or tuna salad with a pasta would make an easy to prepare an alternative.  Contact Colorado Party Rentals and ask about our equipment rentals, such as a hot dog roller or popcorn and cotton candy machine.  These and others would make your party an instant success!


This is an impromptu party, so set your expectations on having a great time with friends, not on your accomplishments beforehand!  If your last minute party is outside, call Colorado Party Rentals for coordination of tent rental along with chairs and tables to have it pulled together with a little professional help!  Otherwise, just purchase a few pots of mums to set around, or fresh flowers from your florist or local grocer.

Chillout with Some Easy Tunes

party music playlistThink of playing some chillout lounge music in the background. This will give an instant casual and relax vibe to the party and the guests. Quick tip: Playlists can be found everywhere on the net services (both free and paid).  Yours is just to press ‘play’ and get the party going!

Relax and Enjoy!

When you have a short window of time to plan a party, don’t expect that you will be able to plan for everything.  Make the most of the impromptu plans and go with the flow, enjoying the spontaneity of the evening!

 Call Colorado Party Rentals to Book Your Fall Party Now!

Party planning help


From the moment we answer the phone, you will receive assistance in planning and creating your order to achieve the look that you want. No event is too big or too small for personalized attention and we will work with you over the phone or on-site to provide you with your choice of the broadest range of equipment in the region, from specialty linens, tables, chairs and china to tents and tent structures. Looking for something you do not see on our website? Just ask. Our inventory is constantly being updated to reflect the requests of our customers and the newest trends.


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