10 Creative Touches for a Fall Barn Wedding

The fall season is still a great time of year to continue to entertain outdoors. Fall weddings are spectacular with the addition of natures brilliant colors all around. Planning a fall barn wedding can be simple with a few creative touches.

Here is a list of 10 creative touches that can take your barn wedding from shabby to chic!

Rustic style wedding decorations in Colorado

Use organic materials to decorate for a rustic style wedding.

1. Entryway Welcome Sign

Create a statement at the very entrance to your venue. Try these adorable ideas:

  • ME & YOU
  • Mr. & Mrs. Forever in Love
  • The names of the couple, printed in a vintage font

2. Rustic Signposts

Use reclaimed wood to create signs directing guests to essential locations of your venue. Some ideas include restrooms, drinks, and hors d’oeuvres, reception area, and ceremony site. With scrap wood and a good paint-pen, you can create a set of signposts hammered into the ground. Saw a point into each of your wood planks and be sure to point each plank in the right direction. You may need a few signs to stand taller than others. Parking, for instance, may be something for which you will want to create several signs. Post them several yards out from the parking area, and then closer to the parking spots as well.

3. Homemade Elements Scattered Around

You could use a basket of blankets or quilts especially handmade quilts or crocheted lap blankets. Invite guests to grab a blanket and wrap up if they get cold. No matter what you do to keep your guests warm at an outdoor fall event, you always have a few who just can’t shake the chill, so make it simple and inviting so no one feels silly wrapping up in a quilt.

fall rustic table decor4. Antiques

Any item that says yesteryear, such as antique pieces of furniture that can be transplanted to your venue, old school candlesticks, and old glassware like, goblets, jars, cake plates, etc.

5. Timeless Fabrics

Modern times have brought us a variety of synthetic fabrics, but yesteryear relied on cotton, wool, lace, and some good hearty working fabrics like burlap. Adding some of these timeless fabrics will keep your theme genuine. Add lace in every variety, romantic lace, and crocheted lace, too. Burlap makes a great addition, too, but for your tables, choose a lightweight burlap-looking linen, which is much more versatile than the original heavy stuff from which seed sacks were made!

6. Wild Flowers

Who can resist a sunflower? Look for a variety of colors in daisies or lavender. Even a few stalks of wheat can add interest.

7. Mason Jars

Mason jars can be used all around: drinks, vases, utensil holders, lanterns, and just about anything you can imagine. Colored mason jars like blue glass can add interest, too!

8. Candles

You just can’t get enough candlelight at a barn wedding.

engagement party tips

9. Strings of White Lights

Soft, glowing ambiance makes the whole venue tinkle with romance.

10. Silhouette Art

Another classic art form of our ancestors! A silhouette of the new couple would make a creative addition as part of the welcome sign or entryway statement piece.

A fall barn wedding will have a little rustic with a lot of chic if you try a few of these creative touches to add your personality to your venue!


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