These Monochromatic Party Themes Will Wow Any Crowd

Are you looking for a little inspiration for your next major event in Denver, CO? Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday bash or an important anniversary, we all want to make our events something to be remembered by all who attend. So why not kick it up a notch? Leave your party guests in awe with these monochromatic themes. 

Tips for CateringGold

Gold is a color associated with wealth, prosperity, love, and glamour. There’s no better way to accent a vineyard wedding or a tented reception than with gold-colored cutlery, chargers, and linen rentals in Denver. These items add an incredible amount of beauty to any occasion. They also complement warm natural wood features, and soft, yellow-toned lighting. Gold is the traditional way to celebrate one’s 50th anniversary. This color scheme can also be used to bring life to holiday dinners and other family affairs.


If you’re celebrating your 25th anniversary, silver is the way to go! Silver is a precious metal that emanates grace and sophistication. If you’re interested in a monochromatic theme this is a touch toned down from gold, silver is the way to go. Silver accents go well with backdrops of white. This makes silver the perfect color to decorate a tent or a table dressed in white linens. 


This theme is perfect for weddings in Colorado. There are so many different directions you can take with white accessories. Starch white is a nice option, but to add some warmth and originality to your theme, we recommend using off-white varieties like pearl or ivory. Decorating your entire venue with different off-shades of white will provide guests with depth and color complexity that pure white could never give on its own. Flowers and foliage work best in this theme to add pops of color. 

For more information on how to use these themes for your next event, book a consultation with Colorado Party Rentals or visit our showroom in Denver, CO today.


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