Creative Ways to Make Your Backyard Feel Cozy for a Fall or Winter Party!

Party Rentals EventWith so many reasons to celebrate all year long, you can’t stop entertaining in fall and winter’s chilly temperatures! With a few creative ideas, you can even entertain all season outdoors. Try these six easy tips for adding warmth to your backyard party this fall or winter.

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Backyard Entertaining Feel Cozy This Fall

1. Add patio curtains to your backyard patio. Not only are outdoor curtains practical for blocking cold wind, but they add ambiance by creating a comfortable feel to your backyard environment. Think ahead and place your outdoor chiminea or fire pit well away from curtains.

2. Collect some cozy blankets for your guests to wrap up. This time of year, simple fleece blankets can be picked up just about anywhere. Throw a movie night party on the back patio and spread some blankets and floor pillows around. You could spice it up and have your guests come in their ugliest sweater!

3. Don’t dismiss the effect of candles and warm glowing light to increase the cozy effect. Bright candles and soft lighting strung overhead can create a warm look that will welcome your guests.

Winter Events4. Throw a large area rug down and some comfortable cushions. Hard, cold surfaces will spread a chill not only in the air but in your ambiance. Create corners or nooks for guests to huddle up and talk. Make your spaces inviting with comfy places to sit, cushions, and throw blankets.

5. Arrange your patio or outdoor furniture in a way that allows for groups of more than two to gather in the same place. The more warm bodies that gather together, the more warmth they will share, literally. So, allow for spaces to gather. Provide plenty of table-top space for guests to set their drinks. No one wants a cold drink in their hands with a chill in the air.

6.  Last but not least, – create warmth with your food and drink choices.
 Choose creative ways to serve hot food. Try serving your menu at separate stations – such as an appetizer station, a main-course station, and a dessert station. Consider warm foods for each service area. Try these hot items for your next backyard winter menu: a baked potato bar, a chili cook-off station with all the toppings, or steak kebabs and a warm pasta salad, and for dessert, a molten chocolate cake or warm banana pudding.

Entertaining in fall and winter isn’t as hard as you may think. With a few fun ideas and plenty of preparation, your guests will love your backyard winter ambiance!


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