Open-Air Wedding Tents Are Perfect For Spring and Summer

If you’re like the rest of us, you’re ready to throw away the mask and plan a big blowout wedding celebration with 200 of your closest friends and family. And, if you’re like us, you’re still not entirely comfortable gathering that many people in an indoor location. We have a solution: Open-air wedding tents!

Open-Air Wedding Tents

For couples looking for an exclusive wedding venue with room for an extensive guest list and a 360 view of the glorious Colorado landscape, the open-air wedding tent is the answer.

Open-Air Wedding Tents Are Beautiful and Elegant

A beautiful, elegant open-air wedding tent can be decorated to suit your wedding theme and style.

An open-air wedding tent is simply an event tent without walls. With an open-air wedding tent, guests can celebrate safely from both the pandemic and the elements. While the tents are beautiful and come in various styles, a key asset is their versatility. 

Wedding Tent Styles

A wedding tent acts as a blank canvas for your wedding. Use decorations, lights, and other accessories to realize your wedding concept and transform the wedding tent to fit your style or theme.

Styles of open-air wedding tents include

  • Sailcloth Tent
  • Century Pole Tent
  • Classic Frame
  • Festival Tent

Choosing the Wedding Tent Silhouette and Décor

The most stunning and impressive wedding tent is the Sailcloth Tent, with its swooping peaks and valleys exuding luxury and elegance. The white sailcloth is draped softly over the frame for a magical and romantic silhouette. 

Choosing the tent silhouette will set the tone for your wedding, but it is just the frame. Tent décor and furnishings will add magic to the overall visual and ambiance. The right lighting package, tent liners, draping, and wedding decorations will make the whole visual sing.  

Weather Protection for Outdoor Weddings

Weather is unpredictable in Colorado. A tent can give you the protection you need, regardless of what mother nature has planned for your wedding day. 

All tents are of the highest caliber and add comfort and shelter, two essentials for an outdoor wedding. The open-air tent improves airflow and ventilation while giving you the shade and coverage you need to protect guests from the weather. 

Rent Elegant and Luxurious Open-Air Wedding Tents

All our wedding tents are gorgeous and come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate your vision, budget, and guest list. 

Check out your options at a location near you and start planning your big dream wedding!

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