All Eyes On the Wedding Reception Tablescapes

The wedding doesn’t end when the couples say, “I do.” It has only just begun. A lot goes into planning the perfect reception, from the food to the decorations; everything needs to follow a theme. And now that we are finally away from the gloom and chill of winter, a spring wedding sounds like the perfect idea. A big trend in spring weddings is wedding reception tablescapes

Elegantly curated tablescapes make your decorations unique and create a lively ambiance. Keep reading for ways you can liven up your tables. 

What’s New in Tablescapes for Spring Weddings

There is no limit to your imagination when it comes to wedding reception tablescapes. Here, we mention some timeless classics to help you create a luxurious dining space. 

Brass Candelabras

Brass or gold candelabras add a beautiful touch to your tabletop. From small to oversized options, candelabras are available in many styles and sizes and create a romantic aesthetic perfect for the occasion. You can mix and match different metals and indulge in colorful tapers instead of the usual white. 

Fine Dinnerware

Fine dinnerware can easily elevate your tablescape. Available in many colors and shapes, you can go with sage stoneware, ivory gold, terra cotta, and so much more! You don’t even have to stick with the usual circle shape and can opt for triangular and square dinnerware. 


Nothing marks a celebration like over-the-top lush, green centerpieces on your wedding reception tablescapes. Welcome spring in all its glory and introduce different plants and textures, such as palm leaves, branches, peonies, baby’s breath, succulents, etc.

What the Experts Have to Say

All eyes will be on the tablescapes at receptions this year. “The one trend in 2022 is the curated focus of tabletop and less about the ceiling,” says celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss. “The flowers, dishes, and details that sit in front of the guests throughout the event will be appreciated!”

“Vivid color and unexpected pattern—small, floral prints, country toiles, chinoiserie, and more—are coming to the table literally and figuratively.”

Make your wedding reception tablescapes stand out and bring luxury and extravagance into your spring wedding. For more info, click here

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