Don’t Allow Seasonal Allergies to Ruin Your Outdoor Spring Event!

Outdoor Spring Parties and Seasonal Allergies

For many people, spring means we can bring every celebration out into great Colorado outdoors. There’s no better backdrop to a Denver party than the Rocky Mountains, and don’t forget about all the National Parks that Colorado boasts. However, the mere mention of an outdoor party can make other people start sneezing and itching, because unfortunately, with the bloom of spring comes the years first allergy season. So, how do you throw an epic outdoor spring party without excluding all of your friends with allergies?

Ideas for an allergy friendly outdoor party

Try to minimize contact with pollen by decorating with silk flowers.
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Minimizing Exposure to Pollen

Not every person with seasonal allergies is allergic to the same types of pollen, which makes planning a spring party a bit difficult. How do you safeguard your guests from every kind of pollen? The truth is, you can’t, but you can try to minimize pollen exposure at your party, and then throw in some cute decorative items that will make a little light of the situation. Just because you have allergies doesn’t mean you don’t have a sense of humor.

Daytime Parties

Many kinds of grass will release their pollen in the late afternoon and early evening. Most trees will release their pollen at dawn and dusk, so make your spring party a nice daytime brunch or lunch. Picking a time when the pollen count is low is the first step to making your friends with allergies feel comfortable about attending. If the party continues into the high pollen count times of day, those who are affected by the pollen can leave early without feeling like they missed out on the whole event.

Party Tent

You can also limit pollen exposure by renting a big white canvas party tent with walls. Choose a tent with windows so that you aren’t shutting off the view of nature, but you are keeping the pollen at bay. A tent won’t eliminate pollen exposure completely, but it will help, and your friends will appreciate that you tried to accommodate their seasonal allergies as much as possible.

Decorate with Fruit and Silk Flowers

Allergy friendly Spring parties in Colorado

Add fun, allergy-friendly party decorations and party favors in order to accommodate friends with allergies.

When you choose your decorations, look for fun ways to bring in the theme of spring without putting a big bouquet of allergy-inducing flowers right in front of sensitive friends. Decorating with fruits and berries and twigs can be a cute alternative to living flowers, and you can find gorgeous silk floral decorations. Who cares if the centerpieces aren’t real when you’ve surrounded yourself with the natural beauty of Colorado?

Season Allergy Party Decorations

Finally, you can sprinkle your party with little party favors like soft tissue packets or strategically placed boxes of tissues. Paint and decorate the tissue boxes to match your color scheme and party theme. You can even make a little “allergy party bag” complete with nasal sprays and eye drops. It’s not going to cure seasonal allergies, but it will lighten the mood and make your allergy friends feel welcome.

Colorado party rentals in Denver

At Colorado Party Rentals, we have party tents for every outdoor occasion and everything else you need to throw an outdoor spring party, that is friendly to people with seasonal allergies.


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