How to Elope: Taking Care of Practicalities and Legalities

Deciding to run off and elope is a way for couples to skip all the practicalities and the stress of planning a wedding, and instead run off into the sunset together. Eloping has a reputation for being spontaneous and romantic – a secret ceremony in an undisclosed location where no one can find you, and the only thing you have to worry about it saying “I do.” However, there are a few practical elements that you need to take care of before you can elope.

Reclaiming your wedding day

How to elopeSkirting practicalities and formalities of a traditional wedding is becoming more and more popular. The cost of a wedding, even a simple wedding has skyrocketed, and the pressure of living up to wedding trends and family expectations have many couples looking towards alternative ways to get married. Eloping gives couples a chance to reclaim their wedding day and get married in an intimate and private ceremony where it is all about them, and not about being on display or putting on a “wedding performance” for friends and family.

Practicalities of Eloping

In the past, eloping may have seemed a bit scandalous. Today, couples are choosing to elope as a way to keep the ceremony intimate and personal, especially for couples that are overwhelmed at the prospect of being on display, and then choosing to include friends and family in a celebration after they return from their elopement. Eloping also opens up new places and possibilities for the couple to say their vows and is not so much about rushing the process at the courthouse or running off to Vegas. Eloping is like a destination wedding for two, and you need to get a few practicalities out of the way before you head off to an exotic location.

Legalizing the Marriage


Check all the legal requirements before you elope.

Once you’ve chosen your elopement destination, make sure that you think about the practicalities and legalities, and not just about the ambiance and atmosphere of the location. If you are traveling abroad, you need to check the legal requirements for getting married, what type of documentation and certification you will need for the marriage to be legal.


Eloping abroad

Before you elope, you need to check the marriage requirements for your state. Getting a marriage certificate is going to be necessary for everyone, so make sure you have your paperwork in order before you travel. Every country will have different requirements and documentation for getting married legally. Similarly, you need to make sure that your wedding abroad is going to be recognized once you get back to the US.

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