3 Outdoor Wedding Rental Items You Won’t Want to Forget

Wedding planning can get very complicated, very quickly. There are a lot of logistics to consider while you and your fiancee are getting ready for your big day, and it’s more than easy to lose sight of a few of them. The at Colorado Party Rentals, we understand. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of wedding rentals you won’t want to forget for your wedding in Denver, CO. 

Flooring for tented wedding

Tents and flooring make it more comfortable for your guests and servers.

Tent Rentals in Denver

Outdoor weddings are beautiful events to attend. Though an outdoor wedding during the summer can make for a gorgeous time, outdoor weddings during the fall are truly a sight to behold. Exchanging vows while surrounded by a symphony of warm fall colors is breathtaking. Unfortunately, rain and wind can ruin the vibe if you’ve chosen an unlucky day. If you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding, it’s always best to have a plan B.

Tents provide shelter from the rain — or the sun if your wedding day is particularly hot. Tents can also be fitted with climate control systems like heaters and air conditioners, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not your guests are comfortable. Tents can also be personalized with various decorations and different types of lighting, so you’ll never have to step away from your wedding theme.

Tables and Chairs

Let’s face it; even if you’re hosting a small wedding, you probably don’t have enough chairs and tables to seat all of your guests. Don’t skip out on renting chairs and tables. Renting is much more cost-effective than buying all the furniture on your own, and all of your furniture will be guaranteed to match. There’s no better way to make a wedding look messy than to have 10 different kinds of chairs borrowed from your friends and family. 

A Dance Floor

If you’re planning to move your party to the inside of a home or venue after your outdoor ceremony, this may need not apply to you. But if you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, it’s important to have a proper dance floor! Don’t let your guests struggle to dance on soft grass, or bumpy gravel. Colorado Party Rentals has a range of dance floors you can choose from.

Do you need help making sure you have everything you need for your outdoor wedding? Book a consultation with one of our event rental professionals today.


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