Party Expert Voice: Gastronomy Event Tips

It Takes More Than Food to Succeed in a Gastronomy Fair

Interested in making a gastronomy fair in your community? Let’s now go through the most important aspects you need for a successful food fair.

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Community Food Festivals are very popular, but they require a lot of experience and a very well-planned and clean execution. If you are thinking about celebrating one, these are our tips for you:

1.  Learn the Basics of a Gastronomy Festival

There are a couple of basics you must focus on before you even start. First, you need to identify your audience. Research similar events around the area to avoid duplication. Determine where you will hold the event. You also need to make sure the area can accommodate the expected crowds and that the vendors can handle attendee volumes. Finally, you should establish the available budget, so you know what you can work with.

2.  Manage the Operations Successfully

A Food Festival requires a lot of setting up prior to the event. You may even need an Operations Manager to oversee site preparation, stage production, event support, and security.

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At Colorado Party Rentals, we can be the best thing that will ever happen to your Operations Manager. We can help set up the eating areas. Tents, chairs, tables, tablecloth, utensils, fair decoration – you name it! We have everything you need to get your event up and running.  We will make sure to keep the standards high so that everything flows as planned.

3.  Have a Marketing Strategy

Hiring a person to manage all communications related to a festival is a key element. Although social media is one of the most important ways to communicate today, you may also want to create a blog/website with all the relevant information. Another important component should be a press release for local media and related partners. It is also advisable to print a brochure with the event schedule so people can know ahead of time what to expect.

4.  Choose the Best Food Vendors

Good food is something that sounds very logical. After all, that is why people are there. However, choosing the best vendors is not only about the best food, but also about their capacity to manage big crowds in a fast, efficient, and quality manner. Variety is also crucial; think not only about your taste but about all the people that may come to the fair. Include vegetarian, gluten-free, and other particular kinds of food options, so everyone feels included and comfortable.

Most importantly, find a couple of WOW merchants – the kind of chefs that will be more costly to get but that will be the ones people talk about for weeks after the event. These are the ones that will get you the social media attention you want.

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