Make Your Fundraising Event Look Like a Million Bucks and Raise More Money

When you are hosting a fundraising event, the most important detail is to spend as little money as possible, while still creating an event where you can raise a lot of money. The venue, set-up, and atmosphere will make a big difference. The more unique and creative you can be, the more people will tend to spend. If you’re looking to raise a million bucks, you need to make the fundraising venue look like a million bucks.

Planning a fundraiser


Fundraising event rentals

Our event specialists can help you set up the perfect table and decorations to make your vision come to life.

The three main essentials of a successful fundraiser is a great venue, a great cause, and a guest list with deep pockets. You also need to plan your fundraiser at a time when it’s not overshadowed by other major events, galas, and fundraisers. You don’t want your donors to be all tapped out by the time they get to your event. Once you’ve secured the venue and the guest lists, you need to create an event to remember. You want to make it look expensive, without spending a lot of money. Because the less you can spend on setting up the fundraiser, the more money you will be able to donate.

Decorating Your Fundraising Venue

There are many types of fundraisers. You can host a big gala, sports tournaments, intimate dinners, concerts, auctions, etc. The one thing each has in common is the need for decorations, seating, eating, and drinking. Find a theme that compliments your cause, and create the perfect atmosphere. The more detailed you can be in executing the right theme, the more special it will be for your guests. Also, if you want them to spend money, you need to make everything look perfect.

Renting linens

Find beautiful linens in every color and style to create the right atmosphere for your fundraiser.

Creating the right atmosphere

Whether you need hundreds of matching tables and chairs for an upscale gala dinner or you are planning an exclusive VIP area for a golf tournament or concert fundraising events, you’ll need to look for vendors who can make it look as good as possible, while still staying within your budget. But, you want everything to look expensive. Make your guests feel pampered, and they’ll spend more money. Having a well styled and decorated room, finding an appropriate theme and decorating accordingly is all part of creating the right atmosphere.

Renting equipment for a fundraiser

The most cost-effective way to create a complete vision for your fundraising event is to rent equipment for your fundraiser. It’s the cheapest way to get everything you need from one vendor. Rent tables, chairs, glasses, silverware, china, linens, lighting, decorations, serving equipment, and much more to make your fundraiser look spectacular. Work with a party rental company that can help you put together a package, and create a mock-up so you can see first hand how your event room will look.

Colorado Party Retals

Make your vision for your fundraising event come to life at Colorado Party Rentals.

Colorado Party Rentals is a complete event rental company located in Denver. Our event specialists will help you find the right things to match your fundraising style and theme. Make an appointment, and we’ll set up mock tables and decorations so that you know exactly what you’re getting before you rent gear for your fundraising event.


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