Take Your Party on a Trip to Tuscany!

colorado party rentalsA far from home, Tuscany-themed event

There is something immediately romantic about anything Italian. And nothing could be more picturesque than ever-charming Tuscany. For your next party, plan a stay-cation trip to Tuscany and give your guests the feeling that they are far from home.

With 4 simple tips, you can turn your backyard into a Tuscan villa!

1. Choose simple basic table linens. Neutrals work best! Don’t feel too plain choosing a simple white table cloth. The idea of the romantic Tuscan feel is that a fantastic meal with great company was literally thrown together. “Any old” table cloth was taken probably right off the clothesline and draped over the semi-rusted terrace table in the back of the house. You can add color with your re-used and re-purposed decor, and a bright pop with flowers.

2. Choose tableware reminiscent of earthenware, or pottery pieces combined to create a natural rural feel. Colors should be warm, and textures should be rustic. Look for pieces of dinnerware with an uneven finish, unpolished and with a low glaze on the earthenware or pottery. Bright white would be too stark.

neutral colors in tableware

3. Plan a simple menu. Serve a simplified menu, and don’t forget the fresh bread and olive oil. Don’t worry about getting too fancy in your meal prep. A thick stew and side of fresh veggies can serve a lot of people and keeps with your theme – that you literally, just threw it all together. It’s entirely possible you could have cooked up the variety of veggies fresh from your garden and tossed in some chickpeas and potatoes.

4. Decorate with re-purposed bottles and vases. Use candles and flowers that may grow wild. Opt for a daisy or geranium. Choose flowers that could have just been cut from your backyard garden and arrange them loosely in a repurposed wine bottle, colored glass vase, or another such used piece.

vintage table settings

Let Colorado Party Rentals Take Your Party to Tuscany!

We can help you create the feel of just stepping off the street into a Tuscan backyard. Let us help you plan your theme from the linens to the tableware. Complete the look with a beautiful tent and a few strings of lights. Colorado Party Rentals is your ultimate destination for your party planning needs. Let our professionals offer ideas to make beautiful additions to your backyard villa.



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