Why Patio Heaters are Essential for Any Evening Event

Even in the summertime, nights in Colorado can get a little chilly. If you’re hosting an event outdoors or even have a patio area for guests to walk out to, you’ll want to ensure that they feel just as comfortable as they would indoors. Don’t make your guests walk back to their tables or coat check areas to get their jackets. Be an exceptional guest and make sure your guests stay cozy with a few patio heaters! Your guests and your hired help will appreciate them, and you. 


rent a mushroom heater

Mushroom Heater

Standing Heaters

These heaters are an effective and stylish way to provide your guests with warmth while they enjoy the outdoor setting of your event. Standing patio heaters are usually made with thin, sleek designs that won’t clash with any of your decor. A few of these heaters will do the trick for any event where people are moving in and out of the party space. Heat emanates from all sides of these standing heaters, so more than one guest at a time can enjoy standing around one. These heaters assemble fairly easily, though it is recommended that you allow your local Denver event rental professional to activate them for you.



Mini Heaters

These heaters are an ideal option for smaller venues, where a standing heater may be too overbearing for your guests. Mini heaters are compact burners that sit atop a tank of propane, allowing you to move and angle them easily. One or two of these would be great to have in a smaller tent, or on the balcony or patio of an indoor event. 

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