Planner Partner Program

What is CPR’s Partner Planner Program? 

Our new Partner Planner Program is designed specifically for Colorado Party Rentals event planning partners. By joining this program, planners can choose to either receive a 10% discount or 10% commission on applicable rentals. You will also get access to an annual spending account to use on anything you wish, such as mockups or styled shoots. Each year this budget will be re-evaluated and adjusted based on their previous year’s spending.

Why Should You Join? 

The answer is why not!? Being a part of our Partner Planner Program will not only benefit you monetarily, but also in so many other ways! You will receive our monthly planner newsletter that will keep you up to date on all the new fun happenings at Colorado Party Rentals. You’ll gain access to new product launches, additional specialty discounts, planner selling competitions, and exclusive open houses!  

What Else Do You Need to Know? 

It’s important to know that some rental items are not commissionable/discountable, such as staging, tenting, lighting, and specialty linen. Also, orders at facilities which are already exclusive to Colorado Party Rentals will not be eligible to receive discounts or commission. 

Do You Qualify? 

To qualify for our new Partner Planner Program, planners are excepted to book 5+ events annually with Colorado Party Rentals. This is evaluated by the previous year’s bookings. New to the Colorado event scene? You may not be eligible currently, but we still invite you to apply, as your eligibility status can always be re-evaluated throughout the year! 

How Do You Join? 

If you are interested in joining Colorado Party Rentals Planner Partner Program, please schedule an informational phone call with Devan, using the link below! 

Schedule a call with Devan

[email protected] | 303.598.7780 

We are excited to have you join the Colorado Party Rentals family! 

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