The Preliminary Steps to Planning a Wedding

Everyone has imagined the perfect wedding, so why is it so hard to plan? If marriage were an individual sport, it would be easy, because all you’d have to do is come up with the money and then get to work planning out everything you ever dreamed of. However, marriage is a team sport, so you have to compromise and work together. So, the preliminary steps to wedding planning begin with asking your beloved about their dream wedding.

Planning a shared dream wedding

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Before you start looking at vendors and wedding locations, make sure you have compromised on a shared vision for the wedding.

Before you get to the budget, allow yourselves to sit down together and share your visions for the dream wedding. Hopefully, you’ll find many areas where you are similar. However, there will undoubtedly be some areas where you clash. No room for panic, though, issues can be easily overcome.

A System for Compromise

On ideas where you agree, start a list and build on those ideas. If there are things that are absolute musts, then work out a system for compromising so you both get a little bit of your dream wedding. Agree on one or two times you both get to insist and say “this is non-negotiable,” and maybe also one or two times where you can veto. Like, if your partner wants their ex-college roommates jam band to play at the wedding, or a Trekkie themed wedding. This system is also going to help you once you have to decide on a baby name, but we’ll get to that another time.

Let Your Budget be Your Guide, not Just Restriction

What you prioritize and what you may have to scrap from your dream wedding may be determined by your budget. The preliminary steps to planning should be about dreaming big, and then you can start to prioritize. The budget talk isn’t the sexiest and most exciting part of planning a wedding, but it is important that you both agree on how much you can afford to spend before you book Adele to sing at your wedding.

Be a United Front – in Good and Bad

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When it comes to the guest list and the wedding party, make sure you are a united front.

It’s tough not inviting someone to your wedding. It’s also tough to invite someone to your wedding, but not invite them to be in the wedding party. When you mix family and friends, it can be smooth sailing or the waters can be rough and stormy. Maybe there is tension within families, or across family lines. Maybe some of your friends don’t get along. Whatever the dynamics are, you have to display some tough love when it comes to the cut-off point for your guest list, and who you invite to be an active part of the wedding party, as well as the planning. Tough love is much easier to pull off when you are a united front.

The sooner you can get on the same page, the easier it will be to have tough conversations with family members and friends who may feel they aren’t playing a big enough role in your special day.

Wedding rentals in Colorado

At Colorado Party Rentals, we have everything you need to plan and design your dream wedding, no matter what your budget. We’ll work with your wedding planner and other vendors to make sure your special day is perfection, from the dance floor under your feet to the gorgeous white canvas party tent over your heads.


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