Protect Your Outdoor Fall Party From Temperamental Fall Weather

We’re coming up on the fall season, which brings a whole new color scheme and ideas for decorating your outdoor wedding or celebration. Taking a page from the seasons is a timeless way to decorate your venue. However, with the fall season, you have to be mindful of the weather. Here are some of the things you may want to add to your fall party rental list so that you are prepared for anything.

Tent rentals for outdoor fall event

Add sidewalls with windows for your outdoor wedding tent.

Fall Party Preparations

Fall is a beautiful season full of bright colors. The natural landscape of Colorado in the fall is the perfect backdrop for any outdoor event, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, or company event. We don’t blame you for wanting to take advantage of all the rich golden, red, yellow, and orange tones that envelop the landscape, but the beauty of fall may have a few side-effects that you need to protect yourself against, mainly from unpredictable weather.

Fall Party Rentals

If your party is going from day to night, expect a change in temperature and climate as the evening draws near. You’ve probably already thought of renting tents, canopies, and pop-ups to give your guests some cover from the sun, and maybe even in case of rain. However, you may want to add a few tent accessories to your fall party rentals list.

  • Tent walls – You’re not just protecting yourself from the colder temperatures, you also want to consider the wind factor. Adding tent walls will protect your guests from gusts of wind as the evening progresses.
    • Windows – Get tent walls that have big bay windows so that you aren’t blocking out the natural scenery that surrounds you.

      Outdoor fall event rentals

      Add heaters to keep your guests warm.

  • Flooring – Adding a layer, whether it’s wood or vinyl, between your guests and the cold ground will help maintain a comfortable temperature. Also, for soft ground, a floor will allow your guests to put on a pair of heels without sinking into the ground.
  • Heaters – Keeping out the wind is going to have a big effect on the temperature inside the tent, but it can still get cold at night. Keep your guests nice and cozy with a few heaters.
    • Generators – Don’t forget to rent generators is you are in a location that does not have access to power.

Colorado Party Rentals

At Colorado Party Rentals, we have a large inventory of the finest party rentals in the Rocky Mountain Region. Talk to us about your fall party, and we’ll help you put together a list of all your fall party rentals to make your outdoor event a success.


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