Preparing a Tent for Your Winter Wedding

The snow-covered winter scenery of Colorado is a coveted backdrop for any wedding. Don’t let the winter months dissuade you from having an outdoor wedding. All you have to do is to prepare your tent to handle the winter weather for a dream outdoor winter wedding.

Outdoor winter wedding

Heaters for outdoor wedding tentThe trick to having an outdoor winter wedding is to get the right size tent and the right accessories to fight off the freezing temperatures. A white wedding tent is a magical sight surrounded by the pure white snow and Colorado nature. Here’s what you need to make it work.

Setting Up the Tent

Make sure you rent a tent from a company that will have all the accessories you need for an outdoor winter wedding. You’ll need to have a professional raise and pitch the tent so that it is placed firmly and securely. Most important is that the side walls are correctly attached and pinned down to keep out the wind. Be sure to get tent walls with windows so that you aren’t shutting out the view. The outdoor scenery is going to be a part of making the whole night magical.


Make sure you rent enough heaters to heat your tent. The tent size will determine how big your heaters should be, and how many you’ll need. You can rent heaters that will help heat the whole tent, as well as a few decorative heaters that add to the ambiance and create cozy seating areas for your guests.


You may not think that you’ll need fans for a winter wedding, but they can help you heat your tent. Heaters are stationary, and fans can help circulate the hot air throughout the tent.

Wedding tent flooring

Avoid cold feet at your wedding with tent flooring.

Walkway for Guests

You’ll need to make sure your guests can walk comfortably to the tent without slipping or falling. Having a plan to shovel the walkway before the wedding, as well as putting out salt to keep the ground from freezing will help keep your guests safe. You can also rent flooring to add an extra layer of solid ground for guests to walk on.

Flooring Inside Tent

You never want to get cold feet at a wedding. Having flooring inside the tent will keep the frozen ground from freezing your little toes. Having a raised floor will allow guests to wear their party shoes, and not winter boots and woolly socks.

Rent wedding tents and accessories for a magical outdoor winter wedding.


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