DOs and DON’Ts for Hosting a Winning Super Bowl Party!

??????????????????It’s Almost Super Bowl Time!

Know how to host the perfect party for your diehard Denver football fans. It only comes once a year; you can’t cut corners on this one! Avoid a major fumble with a few tips with the best football beverages and snacks to serve as well!

Super Bowl Party DOs

Vary Drink Options

Football and beer are typically synonymous; however, it may not be everyone’s first choice. In addition to variety, you must also add a little class for the football fans’ wives. Have a signature cocktail to serve as well as one or two types of red or white wine on hand. As a Bronco’s fan, you could incorporate Orange-Ginger Margaritas or The Bronco Blue Cocktail, with the recipe below.

The Bronco

1 part blue Curacao

2 parts Vodka

4 parts Orange Soda

Fill a glass with ice. Pour 1-2 parts vodka over the ice. Then pour 3-4 parts orange soda. Top off the drink with blue curacao. Enjoy!

go beyond the "classic" football food

Get creative and go beyond the “classic” football food; it’s the Super Bowl!

Classic Snacks

There’s always the basic chips, peanuts, and pretzels, but if you are going to be serving red wine, you will need something for the more refined palette as well. A variation on nuts is to serve warm spiced nuts. Instead of potato chips, try Baked Rosemary Potato Crisps.

Show Team Spirit

If your team is not playing, research the teams beforehand. Know who is playing and the team colors. Decorate accordingly! Using napkins, plates, or banners, have your home look ready to host this year’s Super Bowl fans!

Super Bowl Party DON’Ts

Plastic Utensils

Spare everyone the trouble of snapping their flimsy fork in two. Real silverware also lends itself to a classier party, even if it is football!

Go Overboard with Decorations

There are streamers, balloons, and football paraphernalia, all of which does not need to be used at once. There is a line between overboard and classy. The house doesn’t need to look like an end zone to appear festive. Keep it classy!

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