We Have the Right Equipment to Keep Your Guests Warm

Best Equipment to Keep Your Guests Warm

Choosing Outdoor Wedding TentWe want to enjoy outdoor living in any season, but winter can be a bit challenging in doing so unless you are doing some winter sports. But we are talking parties here, so that involves little sport or movement. Well, unless you dance hard all the time with your sweater on, which is not recommended.

The most important thing for the guests, and you as well, is to feel comfortable all the time. That means enough room, planned seating, and – not feeling uncomfortably chilly.

Outdoor Party in this Season? No problem

Now is definitely the season for serving hot soups, hot sauces, mulled wine, or hot rum, which will provide a nice warm feeling from the inside. But from the outside, you need extra heat sources if you want a nice winter party instead of a chilly party.

At Colorado Party rentals, we believe there should be no limits regarding hosting a party in fall and winter. Outside or inside, we have many options.


rent a mushroom heater

Mushroom heater

So you’ve decided to have a party outside. Good! To be extra sure that you are protected from the cold, add an extra tent layer for insulation. Opt for a tent with firm tent sidewalls which will keep your party and guests safe from wind, rain, or snow.


Heaters inside the tent are a must. We offer a wide range of heaters to rent, from heat mushrooms and heater towers to propane tanks in different sizes. Heat mushrooms are perfect to place on multiple sets throughout the tent.


Adding an extra layer on the ground will make a difference in insulation. Elevated and carpeted floors will do the trick.

Anything else for your event? We have it covered!

We are party planning experts offering a variety of event services and rentals. From tents, lighting and power supply, linens, chairs, tables… to tiny details that matter. Regardless of the weather, we can make your party work. Contact us and let’s start planning.


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