Ideas for Signature Statement Pieces for Your Wedding

A wedding is a day you’ll look back on again and again. You’re probably going to have more photos of your wedding than anything else in your life. A signature piece of decor will give your wedding that extra dose of something special. Here are a few ideas for incorporating a statement piece into your wedding decor.

Statement pieces for wedding

A floral arch makes a great statement piece.


Statement Pieces

Having a statement piece is going to elevate your entire wedding decor. Although you are going to be the focal point, statement pieces are a way to frame your wedding, lifting wedding design as a whole. Statement pieces can also make every photo that much more spectacular.

Floral Arrangements

The most romantic and wedding appropriate statement piece is a floral arrangement. Not just your typical floral centerpiece, but something over-the-top that will be a talking point and a focal point for the whole wedding. Creating a signature alter with a big and bold floral arrangement, floral wall, or a wedding arch will help frame your vows at the ceremony, but can also double as a beautiful floral photo wall for the reception.

Floral Backdrop

Creating a floral statement piece can serve as a beautiful backdrop behind the sweetheart table. Think about how beautiful the photos will be with your signature floral arrangement framing each picture. It can also serve as a way to transform a wedding tent, hiding the frame and poles, and making the tent more intimate and romantic.

Hanging Statement Pieces

Don’t forget to think about how you are going to decorate the ceiling. Hanging statement pieces will complete your wedding design, taking advantage of every angle. Utilizing the ceiling will add texture and layers to your wedding design. Use lighting and floral elements to create statement pieces that are hanging from the ceiling. Elevate a gorgeous chandelier with drapery or organic decorations to make it even more spectacular.

Hanging statement pieces

Hanging floral arrangements make for beautiful statement pieces.



Use various types of decorative lighting to highlight and elevate your statement pieces. If you have hanging statement pieces, think about giving them a sister statement piece somewhere else in the room to create a decorative throughline. A few bold statement pieces strategically placed to frame the venue can tie the entire wedding together. Take inspiration from statement pieces for your table centerpieces for a “head to toe” effect.

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