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Chair Trends & Our New Styles

When it comes to planning the biggest day of your life, every detail matters and nothing sets the tone like your choice of seating. At Colorado Party Rentals we pride ourselves in being on trend and first to market with new rental items. We do this with research into other markets and what their clients are gravitating towards as well as continual conversations with our partners and getting their insight on up-and-coming trends. 

“We are using a handful of new chairs this year and are loving to see the new inventory! Our weddings this year are more playful, more colorful! We love to see a blend of prints and patterns and bold color combinations. We are thankful to see new dining chairs in our market after years of seeing the same chair at every wedding!”

Wheat crossback chair

With our Crossback collection being one of our top rented items, we knew it was time to build depth in existing colors, while expanding our collection and adding new ones. The newest wheat color is perfect for an outdoor or tented rustic event.

“The Wheat Crossback Chairs are for a ranch wedding in Aspen - we're utilizing a lot of happy, summery pastel colors and lush florals. The natural wood crossback is the perfect bridge between something more earthy and something a bit more elevated.”

Photo by @maurajanesphoto

Dolce chair

The Dolce chairs exude grace and elegance. The plush cushioning and chic silhouette will add a touch of refinement and sophistication to your event.

Gabby Greenleaf sets the tone here -

“The dolce chairs will be used to bring a clean, crisp and luxe vibe to a rustic setting. They’ll be paired with long wood tables, each table having its own color story. This room will have modern embellished chandeliers and grey velvet draping.”

wishbone chair

Our Wishbone chair offers timeless beauty that can be blended with multiple aesthetics from rustic to boho. This chair is super versatile with the choice between either the linen or rattan cushion.

“The wishbone chairs are my favorite! Mainly because they are a light wood tone and are also more modern than other chairs in inventory. I love using lighter tones to brighten up the darker wood/rustic nature of the mountains, and the Wishbone chairs are a great way to do that. This season I'm seeing a lot of light wood! People are leaning towards a more understated look, so a chair that can work its way into the design without standing out too much is something that's becoming more popular.”

black bentwood chair

If you're aiming for a sleek and contemporary vibe, our Black Bentwood chairs are the perfect choice. Their simplicity and curved silhouette will give that high end and modern vibe you’re looking to achieve for your event.

“We love the black bentwood chairs because they are a fresh take on a modern, yet classic design. Over the past couple of years we have seen a lot of our clients gravitating towards black for a dramatic accent and this is the perfect chair for us to integrate into our designs.”

Photos by @gracie.mariephoto

Many people might not realize the impact that chairs can make on an event. Take it from the professionals – chairs make a huge impact!  

more from our planners:

“There is nothing worse than setting an ugly chair in front of a gorgeous tablescape. We're looking for chairs that amplify our designs rather than detract from them!”

“I’m seeing more couples notice the impact a chair can make! Putting lots of money into décor and neglecting to think about the chair is something we like to help couples avoid! So, my trend for this year and in the future is thinking about how chairs add value (comfort amongst other things) and a design element to your day!”

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