a mountain-top indian ceremony

tradition with a colorado twist

Nestled on top the breathtaking Echo Mountain, our team at Colorado Party Rentals had the privilege of bringing to life a truly remarkable Indian ceremony planned by Brindle & Oak. With an expansive 40×80 Navi-track tent, a wooden walkway for the ceremony, fruitwood garden chairs, and a pristine 12×12 stage, we helped create an event that seamlessly blended tradition with the natural beauty of Colorado.

Installing a massive 40×80 Navi-track tent with no canvas top, was a unique ask that we eagerly embraced. To infuse a touch of elegance and provide the necessary shade, Little Mad Events draped the tent with flowing white fabric. This was one of the most captivating elements of this setup. This design decision allowed the Colorado sunshine we love so much to filter through, casting a warm and inviting glow on the ceremony. It was a stunning example of how thoughtful design can complement the natural surroundings, making every moment unforgettable. 

“Each event for this 3-day wedding was designed so differently, but the ceremony and luncheon, by far, were our favorite! – When designing the ceremony, Indian tradition was vital in the design, but with a twist!”

– Brindle + Oak


The bride’s desire to incorporate pastel tones into the ceremony added an element of serenity and sophistication to the overall setting, all while highlighting Colorado’s stunning natural backdrop. 

At Colorado Party Rentals, we take pride in turning visions into reality. This unforgettable mountain-top Indian ceremony serves as a testament to the transformative power of creative design, the beauty of tradition, and the awe-inspiring Colorado landscape.  

If you’re looking to create your own extraordinary event, whether it’s an Indian ceremony, a mountain-top celebration, or something entirely unique, we’re here to turn your dreams into an unforgettable reality.

Where dreams take shape, and traditions come to life.


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