cheers to april showers!

Introducing Our New Sage and Midnight Carousel Glass Colors

April is here and so are our new carousel glasses! At Colorado and Summit Party Rentals, we’re all about making every event sparkle, rain or shine. We’re excited to add a new splash of color to your celebrations with our latest arrivals: the enchanting Sage and Midnight carousel glasses! 


A tranquil green reminiscent of fresh spring foliage. Just like the first buds of the season, our Sage carousel glasses bring a sense of renewal and vitality to any table setting. Whether you’re hosting a baby shower, bridal brunch, or garden party, Sage is the perfect choice for adding a touch of natural beauty to your event décor!


A deep, mysterious shade that captures the essence of a starlit night sky. With its rich, velvety tones, our Midnight carousel glasses add an air of sophistication and glamour to any occasion. Imagine toasting under the twinkling lights with these stunning glasses in hand – it’s like having your own private galaxy right at your fingertips!

Embrace the spirit of April showers and let our Sage and Midnight carousel glasses rain happiness on your next celebration. With Colorado/Summit Party Rentals, every sip is a toast to unforgettable memories and endless smiles. 


Cheers to April showers, and cheers to you! 

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