Summit 2023

Last week Colorado Party Rentals came together at Social Capital for our yearly educational conference that we call Summit. Over the course of two jam packed days, employees from all three of our locations had the opportunity to come together, spend time as a team, and learn valuable information from our leadership team. 

Kick Off

Summit officially started at Bowlero Promenade, where all of our employees from the Denver home office, Colorado Springs, and Santa Fe met for drinks, food, and fun! Who doesn’t like a good bowling sesh? It’s always nice to get together as an entire company and remember that we’re in this business together and not just in our respective office locations. A special thanks to our friends at Penske for sponsoring this kick off event and making it happen!

Day 1

Day 1 began with a short talk from our COO, Jake Bell. FunDuh!Mental(ity) was the framework for the lecture, where he stressed the importance of fundamentals and doing things right in order to make work fun and the company successful. He mentioned the four fundamentals that we’ve been focusing on in the last year as we’ve seen exponential internal growth. Safety, Reliability, Accuracy, and Quality. If we execute with these fundamentals in mind, there’s nowhere to go but up!

Our Director of Operations, Dustin Roman spoke after Jake. He discussed the process of reshaping our identity and what that looks like moving forward. He talked about the three layers of change being; outcomes, (what you get), processes (what you do) and identity (what you actually believe and value). This led into the tactics of successful change – awareness, what type of company do we actually want to be? Let’s prove it!

Before we broke out into small groups, we had the pleasure of hearing from our Director of Sales, Adrienne Gardner. She spoke about the importance of relationships in the event industry and the impact our customer service and quality control has on our clients. We even had the opportunity to hear from our friend Donnah Phipps, with Poised Events. She and Adrienne had an informal Q&A panel regarding her experience working with Colorado Party Rentals over the years.

The day ended with cocktail hour and an awards ceremony, followed by a delicious dinner catered by our friends and partners at Footer’s Catering.

Day 2

Day 2 began with special guest speaker Eliot Marshall, a retired MMA fighter, business owner, motivational speaker, and author. He shared his personal development secrets for success through his stories of overcoming obstacles. He truly inspired our team with tips to achieve the life we all want to live.

We finished up with inventory control breakout groups and insightful discussions on takeaways. We’re energized for the upcoming season and thankful to our leadership team for taking the time to put together such a wonderful conference. We’re lucky to be part of such a wonderful team!

Let’s go be great!

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