Thanksgiving memories full of flavor

Most of us have a special memory of the Thanksgiving meal. Many of those memories involve food! This is the time of year we look forward to Grandma’s special pies, Uncle Jack’s perfectly barbecued turkey, or whatever other family recipe you can’t wait to sink your teeth into.  One of the best parts about memories is the way the slightest smell can bring you right back to a place and time.

thanksgiving rental tables, Colorado's premier event rentalsWhy not involve the whole family this year and have each person create a recipe card for the rest of you to take home. If Uncle Jack is responsible for the Turkey, then ask Uncle Jack to share his recipe! You may want to recruit a family member to create a compiled copy of all the favorite holiday recipes for each of your guests to take home!  Unless of course it’s a secret recipe… in which case you may just have to enjoy the memory.

Gathering for meal time can be a little shoulder to shoulder in some families. If you have a big family, and you like to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner all in one house, that can mean a line of oddly joined card tables and varying heights of table tops and chairs.

walled tent in fall and winter,You’ll need a space to lay out your long awaited choices of special recipes. Call Colorado Party Rentals for help with everything you need to make your Thanksgiving celebration easier than ever! Let us send our professionals to set up your tables for serving food, and place your seating arrangement exactly the way you want it! How about an outdoor tent to give everyone a little extra room to spread out?  Too chilly this Thanksgiving for outdoor celebrating? We can provide you with a walled tent and heaters or patio/mushroom heaters to keep you, your family and all your guests comfortable!

This Thanksgiving you don’t have to feel as though the house is shrinking. Call the party experts at Colorado Party Rentals and let us take care of all the setup and tear down!  Enjoy your holiday with a little less on your to-do list.

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