The Most Common Event Planning Mistakes are Easily Avoidable

There are a few event planning mistakes that we see over and over. Fortunately, knowing is half the battle and most of the mistakes are easily preventable. If you’ve got a big event coming up, use this list to avoid the most common event planning mistakes.

Avoid common event palnning mistakes

Give yourself plenty of time to set up the event.

Planning an Event

There are so many little details that go into planning an event that is is easy to make a mistake. Event planning requires organization and staying cool under pressure.

Making a List and Checking it Twice

One of the biggest mistakes is lack of organization. Before you begin to find vendors, supplies, and decorations you need to make detailed lists of the event and everything you need to accomplish. These lists will help you constantly stay on track and be able to monitor your progress. On the day of the party, these lists will also be like a second set of eyes making sure that everything makes it to the venue and is set up on time.

Time Management

Speaking of setting up on time, never underestimate how long it takes to set up an event. Again, creating the right ambiance and mood, whether it’s a party or a conference, is key to a successful event. Make sure you are giving yourself plenty of time before the event to set up. Time management is key to a successful event. Giving yourself enough time will also help you avoid silly little mistakes that can occur when you are rushed and stressed.

Event planning mistakes

Be sure to confirm all vendors before the event.

Vendor Confirmation

An all too common mistake is to forget to confirm your vendors. When you are rushed for time, vendor confirmation can quickly fall through the cracks. You may have talked at length with a vendor, confirming time, date, and location, however, things can always go wrong. Always triple confirm with vendors to make sure that everything is on track for the big event.

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