The Planning Checklist Behind Every Successful Event

Planning an event is all about the details. Step one is making an event planning checklist. There is nothing worse than waking up on the day of your event and realize that you’ve forgotten important details. And, if you’re planning the event for a client, forgetting small details is going to cost you money, business, and reputation. Don’t miss one of these commonly missed details when planning an event.

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Event Planning Checklist

The thing about checklists is that they can never be too detailed. A successful event is planned down to the smallest detail, taking every aspect into account. Our checklists will remind you of the small details that many event planners overlook.

Set Up and Break Down

A commonly missed detail is making detailed arrangements for set up and breakdown of your special event rentals. Once you’ve chosen your products, make sure you agree with the party rental company about who is setting up and breaking down. You don’t want to show up expecting to see tables and chairs pre-set, only to realize that you didn’t make specific arrangements with the rental company.

event details and planningLikewise with the breakdown and pick-up. Make sure you know who is responsible for breaking down the party. If the rental company doesn’t offer setup and breakdown as part of their service, then make sure you have your own people in place to set up and decorate.

Permits and Licensing

Make sure that the venue you choose has the right permits and licenses you need for your party. Alcohol is a big one. If you’re serving alcohol, you need to make sure you have permission to do so. Most venues that allow alcohol service, or provides alcohol service, should have an alcohol license. But, never assume; check for yourself. If you have entertainment, like live music or a DJ, make sure you have permission to play music. And, make sure you understand when you have to turn the music down.

Food Service Details

The number of plates, glasses, and silverware that you need to have at your party is always one of the biggest questions. The type of food service you are offering will make an impact on the number of plates and glasses. A buffet is going to use up more silverware, plates, and glasses than a sit-down dinner.

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Another big event planning mistake is to not account for food allergies. When you plan a menu or help your clients plan a menu, ask about any dietary restrictions. Every party will have guests with food allergies, and some will be worse than others. Whereas you can’t account for everyone’s dietary needs, you can make sure that there are options so that everyone can have something to eat.

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